What is Horse Reflected Coaching?

Horse Reflected Coaching

Horses live in the present and react as soon as we become part of their environment. When humans go through a change in behavior, or feeling, horses become aware of it. We call this ‘awareness’.

Horse Reflected Coaching

With this ‘awareness’ we get to work. The changes we go through, the emotions we feel, are reflected by the horses. As we come into balance, the horse will show this immediately. Each in its own, sincere way.

Horse Reflected Coaching

Coherence is the goal. Insights and solutions are at the base and answers are formed where thinking and feeling flow together.

Experience it, live it. live it.

To whom?

Any adult who struggles with the here and now. Delayed choices, unspoken desires, and conflicts can bring an inner turmoil that manifests in a certain emotional state. What is going on with me?

Countless questions and doubts keep you from breaking that circle and actually getting started by taking steps toward where desire lies. But what do I really desire?

Read here an invitation to go and discover. Dare to name, get the insight and live the life that belongs to you.

What to expect?

Professional guidance in the discovery of what is important to you. Your values and beliefs are central. Without judgment and in full confidence, we listen and return what is entrusted to us.

Each session takes about 1 hour and goes at your pace. Like a journey, you determine the destination and choose the way there. Only, for this journey you can count on a competent guide.


An and Joeri

Your coach

Horse Reflected Coach



Certified Horse Reflected Caoch Level 1, recognized by the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Counsil).



Coaching is about thinking and feeling. We are lifelong learners where we not only help people along the way, but also engage in self-reflection. We are all equal, with our own backpack, big or small.



With passion driven to illuminate your path and guide you to take new steps that are meaningful in your life.

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.
(T. Jefferson)

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